In Conversation With June Biswas

Resilient, Empowered, Inspiring – Talks with June Biswas 

Can you share your journey of transitioning from a fashion blogger to a travel blogger and entrepreneur? What prompted this shift in focus?

By mid-2020, I had been blogging about fashion and beauty for 13 years and was beginning to feel entirely unfulfilled by it. Coincidentally, around that time, I was offered a bunch of back-to-back travel collaborations.

My father’s military background instilled my love for travel. My diverse upbringing significantly influenced my desire to explore new horizons and switch to travel blogging.

I also wanted to share my travel experiences with my followers to help them decide better when choosing a property or a destination.

June Biswas
How has your background as a fashion blogger influenced your approach to travel blogging? Do you incorporate any fashion elements into your travel content?

My background as a fashion blogger has influenced my approach to travel blogging.

While my primary focus is on sharing immersive travel experiences and destinations, I like to travel in style, showcasing unique outfits, accessories, and fashion-forward destinations.


What inspired you to start your own business in the travel industry? Can you tell us about the concept and vision behind your entrepreneurial venture?

The extensive knowledge I’ve gained from travel blogging and my passion for curating unique travel experiences led me to envision travel beyond traditional tourist experiences. My concept revolves around offering curated trips to various destinations, providing insider knowledge, personalized itineraries, and the opportunity to travel like a blogger.

My vision is to create authentic journeys that leave a lasting impact on travellers, allowing them to see the world through my eyes.


How do you balance your travel blogger and entrepreneur roles? What challenges as a woman do you face in managing both aspects of your career?

I just started my travel business, so my main focus is strategic planning and executing my trips. Once the trip is over, I travel independently and focus on my travel blogging.

As a woman in the industry, the main challenge I face is a lot of unwanted attention from the opposite sex, as these people just want to kill time and have a chat rather than travel.

However, thanks to social media, it’s also easy to restrict and block these Romeos.


What are some unique opportunities and experiences you’ve had as a travel blogger that you didn’t have as a fashion blogger?

Travel blogging has enabled me to explore breathtaking destinations, immerse myself in different cultures, and connect with people worldwide.

I have collaborated with resorts and hotels for exclusive experiences and partnerships. It also inspired me to curate itineraries and share my travel knowledge with my audience.


Can you discuss a memorable travel experience or project that stands out in your career? What made it special?

Three years ago, amid the pandemic, I took a road trip to Rajasthan, India, where I was invited by eight excellent properties and had a fantastic experience staying in all of them.

This extraordinary trip inspired me to switch to travel blogging after 12 years of fashion, beauty and lifestyle blogging.


What are some critical skills or qualities you believe are essential for a successful travel blogger and entrepreneur?

First and foremost, a passion for travel and a genuine curiosity about different cultures and destinations are essential. Additionally, strong storytelling abilities, the capacity to engage and connect with readers, and the skill to curate unique and authentic experiences play a significant role.

Adaptability, flexibility, and a willingness to embrace change are vital in the fast-paced and ever-evolving travel industry. Finally, effective time management and building relationships with industry professionals are essential qualities for a travel blogger and an entrepreneur.


Can you share some strategies or tactics you’ve employed to monetize your travel blog and business? What has been the most successful approach for you?

I have collaborated with hotels, resorts, and travel brands to provide them valuable exposure and promotion in exchange for compensation or travel experiences.

However, my most successful approach has been creating my own travel business, where I curate and organize curated trips, providing unique and immersive experiences to my audience while generating revenue through trip fees and packages.


How do you differentiate yourself from other travel bloggers and entrepreneurs in the industry? What makes your content and business unique?

I like to combine my fashion background with my love for travel, infusing my content with a stylish and aesthetic flair. My curated trips provide exclusivity and authenticity that sets me apart.

My commitment to going beyond traditional tourist experiences and showcasing hidden gems makes my content and travel business unique.


How do you stay inspired and motivated to create engaging travel content and grow your business in the competitive travel industry?

I continuously seek out new destinations and immersive activities to make other people experience these. I also actively engage with my audience, valuing their feedback and incorporating their interests into my content.


How do you leverage social media platforms and digital marketing to expand your reach and connect with your audience as a travel blogger and entrepreneur?

I remain active on social platforms, consistently sharing captivating visuals, engaging stories, and valuable travel tips. I interact with my followers by responding to comments and hosting live sessions to foster community and loyalty.

I strategically utilize hashtags, SEO techniques, and brand collaborations to increase my visibility. Moreover, I invest in targeted advertising campaigns to reach a wider audience.


What advice would you give aspiring women looking to transition from a fashion blogger to a travel blogger and entrepreneur?

Follow your passion: Identify your true passion for travel and ensure it drives your decision.

Embrace authenticity: Find your unique voice and style in travel blogging. Be true to yourself and let your personality shine through in your content. Authenticity will set you apart from others.

Learn and adapt: Acquire knowledge about the travel industry, trends, and emerging platforms. Be willing to adapt to changes in technology and consumer preferences.

Build a strong network: Connect with other travel bloggers, entrepreneurs, and industry professionals for valuable opportunities to help you grow.

Develop business acumen: Aspire to be a travel blogger and an entrepreneur. Learn about marketing, monetization strategies, and business management.


What are your future goals and aspirations as a travel blogger and entrepreneur? Are there any specific accomplishments you hope to achieve in the coming years?

I plan to expand my travel business by curating experiences in more destinations worldwide, continuing to build my brand, and getting people worldwide to travel together.


Finally, what message or feeling do you hope to convey through your travel content and entrepreneurial journey, particularly to women following their passions and pursuing their dreams?

I aim to inspire and empower women to be fearless and determined, break free from societal constraints and chase their true passions.

Start with embracing change, taking risks, and forging your path. I hope to instil confidence in women and face their challenges with dedication, resilience, and belief in themselves.