In Conversation With Supriya Shrestha

Breaking Barriers: From Shyness to Prominent Figure in Sports Journalism and Philanthropy

Exclusive Conversation with Supriya Shrestha: Her journey from Miss Nepal Earth 2020 to entrepreneurship, her impact in sports journalism and philanthropy, and her role in breaking gender stereotypes.


Supriya, can you tell us about your transition from Miss Nepal Earth 2020 to entrepreneurship?

Transitioning from Miss Nepal Earth 2020 to entrepreneurship was more like a strategic move to utilize the platform gained for a larger purpose, something that would require me to use my wit and capabilities. It was about leveraging influence to create a tangible impact and empower others and finally giving attention to a core dream of mine to establish a “Momo Pasal” i.e. momo venture in Nepal and establish myself as a role model to expand my capabilities to the fullest.

Supriya Shrestha

Can you share pivotal moments that moved you from a shy child to a prominent figure in sports journalism and philanthropy?

Overcoming shyness required deliberate steps of doing and undoing and pushing myself beyond my comfort zone. It was the compilation of all the moments when I came home and mimicked being a TV presenter to doing my first ice breaker extempore performance
in grade 5.

The moments when I came home and watched football with my dad with utmost excitement-each milestone, the empathy I had for everyone turning passion into a profession; from stepping into sports journalism to founding ‘Healing Hearts’, demanded resilience and a commitment to growth, propelling me into a more visible and impactful role.

As the founder of ‘Healing Hearts’, how has your organization impacted marginalized children, and what motivates your commitment?

It was a mere passion turned professional journey and the urge to provide tangible support and opportunities for marginalized children that stemmed from the effortless love I shared for young minds and the urge to do everything within my control to be the superhero every child deserves. I just felt that it was unfair how being born to lesser advantages determined whether they had access to all the rights they deserved.


‘Healing Hearts’ is a continuous journey of fostering hope and empowerment. The driving force behind this commitment is the implantation of thoughts and ideas to heal the world not because I have to but because I want to.

What challenges did you face as a female entrepreneur in the restaurant industry, and how did you overcome them to establish DALLE restaurant?

Gender biases and logistical hurdles have been significant challenges in my entrepreneurship journey where a woman, that too younger than a societally normalized age bar it hard to be looked upon as a leader. Overcoming them required strategic planning, resilience, and building a supportive network to navigate the complexities and prove through action which is all an infinite cycle leading to establishing DALLE successfully.

How do you view your role in sports journalism in breaking gender stereotypes and promoting inclusivity?

In sports journalism, I see myself channeling my passion and potential in challenging stereotypes by providing diverse perspectives and throwing a light on women’s achievements. By putting my best foot forward despite of having to challenge promoting inclusivity and equitable representation, I aim to contribute to a more balanced and fair portrayal of sports and effortlessly be a part of the sports narrative.


How have societal norms and political complexities in Nepal influenced your journey, and how do you plan to overcome these obstacles?

Societal norms and political complexities have come off as a lethal combination of challenges and opportunities. The first step starts with accepting and acknowledging these factors and fostering dialogue and collaboration, I aim to navigate despite the obstacles and drive positive change in terms of tangible examples.


Can you discuss a moment or experience that defined your journey and shaped your approach to life and leadership?

Being crowned Miss Nepal Earth 2020 was a defining moment, emphasizing the responsibility to lead with purpose and empathy. It rooted in me a commitment to inspire others through action and resilience, shaping my approach to life and an inspiration to many touching countless lives.


What advice would you offer to aspiring entrepreneurs and advocates based on your experiences?

To aspiring entrepreneurs and advocates, I suggest to not hesitate in pursuing something that scares and excites you at the same time. Things do not happen by chance, they happen by vision, ideas effort and continuously educating yourself. There are so much of things within your control where you can give your cent percent and beyond that is that part where you let go and be prepared for everything that comes on your plate.


How do you balance ambition and compassion in your pursuits, and what have you learned from this balance?

For me, ambition and compassion are two sides of the same coin that go hand in hand. Ambition brings out the leader and the alpha in me which gives me the “unstoppable” energy to seize everything that comes forth while compassion entertains the feminine side of me that allows me to pause, reflect, and embrace everything with a softness being easy on myself. This has taught me that cohesion is what it takes to create a system that is inclusive and rational and acceptance at its best.

Reflecting on a time of adversity or self-doubt, how did you persevere?

Just accepting that life is not always a bed of roses and at times of adversity or self-doubt, seeking support from mentors, my “safe” people, and maintaining faith in my vision helped me bounce back. Embracing vulnerability and recalling how far I have made it has always been my mood busters.

How do you stay motivated during challenging times, considering your advocacy for ambition and resilience?

Constantly reminding myself that nothing worth it comes easy and doing a constant revisualizing of why I started in the first place gets my demotivated soul recharging its needs. Taking frequent breaks, taking time to analyze, and listening to my mind and body when it say it needs rest is how I establish a real and sustainable way of pursuing my goals.


What are your hopes for the future, both personally and professionally, and how do you plan to inspire others through your journey?

Personally and professionally, I aspire to continue making meaningful contributions to society while nurturing personal growth- always holding pride knowing I excel in so many areas but humble enough to know to be open to criticism and self-improvement. By sharing my journey authentically and advocating for empathy, resilience, and inclusive leadership, I aim to inspire others to pursue their dreams while making a positive impact and balancing and personal and professional life.

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