Flavors of Heritage: The Mi Hi Koli Journey – Bringing Maharashtra’s Coastal Cuisine to Every Table

In the heart of Maharashtra, a culinary journey began with a quest to
savour the authentic flavours of Koli cuisine, a treasure trove of seafood delights rooted in the traditions of the Koli community.

The person behind this venture is an individual with a unique heritage —born into a family where the father’s lineage is Koli and the mother’s Malwani; they were nourished with the rich culinary heritages of both communities from a young age.


Mi Hi Koli


Despite the abundance of seafood joints in and around Mumbai, they were all catered to the specific tastes of Koli cuisine, leaving a keenly felt void.

This realization sparked a conversation with Manisha Koli, leading to a shared vision: to bring the authentic taste of Koli seafood to the public.

After a year of meticulous research into the restaurant industry, in 2011, they launched Mi Hi Koli, a modest 400-square-foot establishment in Thane.

It was the first in Maharashtra dedicated solely to serving Koli cuisine. The overwhelming response from customers soon showed that a larger space was needed, leading to a relocation to a 1700-square-foot venue in 2013.

The founders, an engineer turned advertising professional and an interior designer, infused Mi Hi Koli with the essence of a Koli home in Mumbai, focusing on creating a comfortable and inviting atmosphere for their customers.
The menu, carefully curated to replicate the authentic flavours of their grandmother’s cooking, features a variety of seafood dishes marinated in special Koli masala and Hirwa Watan—a vibrant blend of green chilli, coriander, ginger, and garlic—sans the usual coating of rava.



Tamarind is preferred over kokum for its tanginess, and the fish curry, a staple of the menu, is a testament to the unique taste of Koli masala.
The restaurant’s offerings include perennial favourites like Surmai fry, Bombil fry, and Stuffed pomfret with prawn filling, alongside seasonal specialities such as Ukar (dried Bombil) and Mushi che peaceful (baby shark preparation). Both thali and a la carte options are available, ensuring something for everyone.

Mi Hi Koli is more than a restaurant; it’s a venture rooted in a deep appreciation for ancestral culinary traditions.

The founders have gone to great lengths to preserve the recipes, spices, and cooking techniques passed down through generations, aiming to make Mi Hi Koli an extension of their customers’ homes. It’s a place where the ambience harks back to a time when families gathered to share meals, fostering a sense of community and belonging.



The success of Mi Hi Koli led to opening two more outlets in 2019, with plans for further expansion in Maharashtra. Introducing a central kitchen has been a strategic move to ensure the consistency of their signature gravies across all outlets.

The founders envision a future where Mi Hi Koli becomes a household name across the state, inviting more people to experience the warmth and hospitality that have become synonymous with their brand.

This story is not just about a restaurant; it’s a testament to the power of heritage, the joy of shared meals, and the enduring legacy of culinary traditions. As Mi Hi Koli grows, it remains dedicated to offering a taste of home, one dish at a time.