Blending Coffee, Conversations, and Community – The Fig Story

In 2016, a novel idea sprouted in the world of food delivery—Fig began its journey as a meal subscription service, envisioning a future where healthy eating wasn’t just accessible but embraced.

Fast forward three years, and this vision took a tangible form with the opening of Fig at Museo in Gurgaon, nestled within the intriguing walls of the Camera Museum. This wasn’t just another cafe; it was a mission-crafted space designed to be inclusive, quality-focused, and pet-friendly.

A place where creativity flows as freely as coffee, where business ideas bloom amongst friends, and conversations meander like the relaxed patrons within.

Fig at Malcha

Fig at Museo quickly became more than a cafe; it was a community hub that drew in a diverse crowd, from artists seeking inspiration to professionals looking for an unconventional meeting spot and families enjoying quality time.

The success of this model and the feedback from loyal patrons and friends sparked a new ambition in 2021. This ambition materialized in 2022 with the opening of Fig At Malcha in the prestigious heart of Lutyens Delhi.

This two-story haven, wrapped in greenery and basking in natural light through its floor-to-ceiling windows, was a testament to Fig’s commitment to creating spaces as functional as they are comfortable.

Fig’s mission has always been clear: to revolutionize the concept of ‘fast food’ by infusing it with health, quality, and sustainability.

By choosing natural ingredients and fostering a community that values the power of real food, Fig is not just serving meals. Still, it is part of a more significant movement towards a healthier future for future generations.



This ethos is deeply embedded in their team’s core values of empowerment, community, and joy through food. Fig’s offerings reflect this mission—a conscious food collective that has become a beacon of the new-age cafe movement in Delhi NCR.

Their menu, a celebration of flavour, health, and ethics, showcases seasonal produce from local farms, GMO-free meats, cage-free eggs, and an in-house Parisian-style bakery. However, perhaps the most distinctive feature is their ‘farm-to-cup’ speciality, Indian coffee, a testament to their commitment to sustainability and support for local farmers.


As Fig continues to grow, it remains rooted in its original ethos while embracing new opportunities for collaboration and celebration.

Prepared for its debut at India Design Week 2024, Fig showcased its culinary artistry on a larger stage, delivering an event that encapsulated the essence of its journey—from a simple meal subscription service to becoming a pioneering force in the conscious food movement, all the while upholding its core commitment to sustainability, community, and the transformative power of real food.

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