In Conversation With Sweety Neeraj Yadav

Exclusive Unedited Interview with Sweety Neeraj Yadav, Defying Odds, Soaring to Success as a Senior Flight Attendant 

What do you think is your most significant achievement?

When I got my first Wing, it was like my dream came true. It was an achievement for a girl who had never sat on a flight.

Can you share the struggling phase experience while following your passion?

Hailing from a small town with conservative views about women working, leaving my hometown, Kanpur, was a monumental challenge. The opposition was unanimous; no one supported my decision to leave.

Despite the resistance, I managed to reach Delhi after extensive discussions. Yet, that marked the beginning of an even more challenging journey. Pursuing a cabin crew member career was daunting, especially with my communication barriers, including a noticeable Mother Tongue Influence (MTI). Ridicule from others was familiar, but it didn’t deter me.

Dedicatedly, I spent four years enhancing my communication skills across various companies, a testament to the fact that perseverance pays off. A particularly memorable moment was an interview day when I was battling a high fever. A friend assisted me with makeup and hair, unaware that it would become a pivotal day in my journey.

Eventually, all the hardships culminated in success as I completed the interview on December 14, 2014, marking the end of a long and strenuous battle.

What are your plans?

Yet, there remain unfulfilled dreams on my bucket list, and I am diligently striving to realize them. My goal is to motivate other young women who, like me, have the courage to dream and the determination to turn those dreams into reality

What is that one incident which changed your vision towards your passion?
I was very young when somebody told me small town की लड़कियाँ air hostess नहीं बनती. People will make fun of you in Delhi, you can’t survive their. That time I was like I have to change their perception now.

Who is your inspiration or role model, and why?

My inspiration has always been my father. He was perpetually active, never a moment idle at home. Coming from a small village background, where his father was a farmer, he faced resistance from his own family regarding his education.

Despite this, his desire to study was undeniable. His dedication was so evident that his school principal personally visited my grandfather to advocate for his education, even offering to cover his fees, needing only my grandfather’s consent.

From that point forward, my father was self-reliant, ceaselessly persevering. He was the epitome of commitment, adhering to his duties even during festive times like Diwali and Holi, waking up as early as 2 am or 4 am to fulfil his responsibilities.

His disciplined approach to life was not just a routine but a testament to his character, from which I have learned invaluable lessons.

How were your family and friends initially supported during this journey?

I received no backing, not even from my family. Though they wished to stand by me, external pressures made them hesitant. Nevertheless, I managed to convey my perspective to them convincingly. Eventually, they not only understood but also took pride in my accomplishments.

My ultimate joy was when my dad affectionately referred to me as his son, acknowledging my strength and resilience.

What are the 3 important things which you always keep your focus on and are important for you while following your passion?

I worked for other companies also, but my main aim was always in my mind. I always knew why I had left Kanpur. My dedication to my passion was always there. I was all focused, and the main important thing I kept my dream alive.

Your life quote for your passion,

Where there is a will, there is a way

What is your message for the people and moms who want to follow their passion and want to get into a Cabin Crew Job?

Your decisions pave your path, and the world will align with your choices.

Achievement never comes without effort. A steadfast will is crucial; without it, you cannot surmount the hurdles. Others may attempt to deter you, yet it’s vital to let nothing obstruct your pursuit of passion. Firmly hold onto this belief, and I assure you, you’ll conquer any goal you set.

What does passion mean to you?

For me, passion is a strong feeling of love, and yes, flying is my first love.

I am waiting to see so many sweeties in future. Who dares to live their dreams?

Today, I am a mom of two girls and a senior flight attendant in an aviation company, and I am living my dream life.