In Conversation With Nadia Shahril

Hello Nadia, can you share more about your journey from being a flight attendant to becoming a successful digital creator and influencer?

It started with me moving to the Kingdom of Bahrain (where Gulf Air was based). I loved the idea of travelling, socialising, and learning from people from different countries.

After five years, I quickly realized that I was meant to do something more than that. I started exploring and trying out different types of jobs.

I worked as a relationship manager at Standard Chartered Bank and then moved on to a graphic designer for a private company.

I felt a spark when I was designing. That was a point of realization for me. I am a creative. I love being creative, and it makes me happy. My work wasn’t forced, and I looked forward to completing the tasks.

I had to move to Dubai. (Husband needed to run the regional office) and then COVID-19 happened.There was a lockdown. Social media platforms such as Instagram and TikTok have started booming. I opened an account, and that was when I felt reborn. I enjoyed creating and putting it out there for others to relate to and enjoy. Finding my following took some time but once I’ve decided on my niche, it gradually gained traction to where i am now.

Nadia shahril
How do you balance your roles as a mother, professional, and creative entrepreneur?

I am blessed to have a supportive family who understands what my job requires of me.

I’ve never seen or felt them as separate roles, possibly because it all comes naturally to me.

What inspired you to transition from traditional employment to pursuing a career in digital content creation?

With digital content creation, I could be as creative as I like. (which is a win for me as a creative)

I could choose the campaigns that work in my favour and schedule them accordingly. I love that I was my boss and I was pursuing a path that involved my passion. I also love that the job provides endless opportunities to grow and connect with people.

Could you elaborate on the significance of creativity in your professional journey and personal fulfilment?

Creativity in my content has helped me build my following and attract more agencies and brands to my profile. It’s a good thing to be unique in this industry. You might not be a match for every brand, but trust me, they will find you. What matters the most is that you are yourself, and the content is original.

As a creative, it plays a massive role in my fulfilment. I feel as if I am finally breathing and being myself. I love what I do! My favourite part is editing my work.


What challenges did you encounter along the way, particularly as a woman working in both the Middle East and Singapore?

There were no issues that I encountered as a woman.

Singapore’s environment is very competitive, and the working hours are long. I did not have a chance to work as a creator there. I did, however, manage to work in the retail industry, as fashion is also a passion of mine. I worked in Giordano, Bebe and Lacoste.

In the Middle East, I had no issues as well. All the women I’ve made connections with were supportive of each other. I guess I am blessed in that matter.

As a self-taught digital creator, how do you stay motivated and continually improve your skills?

I observe and explore creators from other countries and gain inspiration from their work.

When i dont know how to create the effect i take it as a challenge and learn it from tutorials. I had no idea how to use Adobe Premiere Pro and After Effects. During Ramadan when the business gets quieter i signed up for classes.

It’s the best decision ever made. It’s never too late to learn. Im thinking if I should learn Blender now. CGI is the latest and coolest thing now.

Can you discuss some memorable campaigns or collaborations you’ve undertaken with brands?

My most memorable ones are those I worked hard for as a budding creator. It was for a bar of Himalaya soap!

I even submerged myself into the tub of water to create a transition it was one that i cant forget. It reminds me of how far ive come in this line and how much work i had put in to get this far. My second one was for Revolve, where we had to walk in the desert in heels and a beautiful dress. All that walking to make sure we got the shot left me with blisters that lasted a week.I love these as it reminds me of my humble beginnings. All the hard work we put in was worth it.

What advice would you give aspiring digital creators looking to establish themselves in the industry?

Stop comparing yourself to other creators. We are all different, and we have a separate set of strengths to apply to our content. We grow at different rates. Don’t be in a hurry to grow and forget to appreciate how far you’ve come. Celebrate yourself and be your biggest cheerleader, leader, and competitor.

How do you approach the conceptualization and execution of your content, considering you handle everything from brainstorming to editing?

First, when the campaign brief is received, I get an idea of what the brand is expecting.

If I have a vision in mind, we discuss the concept and see how we can best highlight the features or aspects of the product with the idea. Then we move on to shooting.

Most of the time, I shoot on my tripod. However, at times, I hire a videographer if a lot of movement is required.

I collect the raw footage from the videographer and move on to editing it on my own. Some brands are very open and give me the freedom to be as creative as I can be. I love those the most!


What role do social media platforms play in empowering women to pursue their passions and careers?

Social media platforms are the medium. So many different types of content can inspire women to pursue what they love.

Be it a reel of a successful woman who shares her struggles or a picture of a supermodel living the best time of her life in Paris Fashion Week.

Could you share any experiences where your work has positively impacted your audience or community?

From time to time, I get women and men sending me direct messages saying that I am an inspiration to them for being able to succeed in this industry as a wife and a mother of two. It makes them want to get up and hustle, too.

I also believe I inspire the creators around me to learn new ways to create content.

How do you envision the future of digital content creation, especially in the context of emerging technologies like Adobe Premiere Pro and Blender?

The future is bright and constantly evolving.

Right now, we are witnessing a lot of CGI content from world-renowned brands like Maybelline and Jacquemus.

What is most important is that we are constantly open to upgrading and adapting to it, too.

A lot of AI features have popped up. Some people say it will replace designers and creators, but I beg to differ on that.

AI is only as good as the person who types in the command. There will still always be a place for creatives.

What strategies do you employ to stay authentic and maintain your unique voice amidst the saturation of digital content?


I use different types of content, including beauty, creative ones with effects, and even comedy.

I make sure to be myself and show the actual realities of life and also as a creator.(behind the scenes struggles)

Finally, what are your goals and aspirations for digital creation and influencing?


It’s onwards and upwards from here. I aspire to keep upgrading and evolving. I also plan to start a sustainable jewellery line with a digital storefront that will be sellable internationally.

Naturally, I will also be using my platform to introduce it because what better way to market a product than on a social media platform?

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