In Conversation With Anjana from The Tinted Palette

Breaking Boundaries: A Candid Conversation with Anjana from The Tinted Palette, Redefining Art on the Global Stage


Anjana, we are so excited to hear about you. Tell us something about yourself, offering insights into your background and journey as an artist.

Art has been an integral part of my life from childhood to school. Over a decade of drawing classes shaped my understanding of painting. I learned all the basics around painting that I know today in my drawing classes, where I went for a good ten years of my school life.

I would have my final exams the next day and sit and paint the previous night – finding solace in the process and embracing it for stress relief and sheer enjoyment. I was that kid in school who enjoyed creating sketches for everyone’s practical record books.

I also chose Biology during pre-university solely for the opportunity to incorporate sketching and drawing into my studies. I always made a conscious effort to integrate Art into various aspects of my life and ensured it remained a constant presence in some form.

Your educational path led you to architecture initially. How did studying architecture influence your love for art, and how did it contribute to your creative journey?

Fast forward to college, and the decision on which course to pursue loomed. While BFA (Bachelor of Fine Arts) was my initial preference, external beliefs like “you can’t make a living as an artist” swayed me toward something more stable. I eventually opted for BArch (Bachelor of Architecture), a decision I don’t regret.

I developed a deep love for architecture, realizing how closely intertwined it is with my passion for art. The college years were a blast – designing, hand-rendering design sheets, crafting 3D models, and exploring various concepts. All the hard work paid off when I received the prestigious Best Architecture Design Thesis Award.


Anjana G
Your journey involves a blend of architecture, art, and entrepreneurship. How do these aspects complement each other in your creative pursuits?

My journey’s intersection of architecture, art, and entrepreneurship is harmonious. Architecture provides a creative foundation, allowing me to approach my work with a unique perspective.

Entrepreneurship adds a practical dimension, helping me turn innovative ideas into tangible outcomes. This seamless integration will enable me to create visually appealing designs/art while successfully navigating the entrepreneurial aspects of the creative industry. I was sure that a 9 – 5 job wasn’t for me.

My aspiration has always been to establish something of my own, be my boss, and be free to do as I please whenever I choose. This determination has been a driving force in my journey. I have always believed that doing things that make you happy and choosing something you are passionate about as your full-time job is essential. You’ll never want a break from it because it’s something you love doing.

Wholeheartedly invest yourself in anything and everything you do, put your heart and soul into it and believe me, this dedication will lead you to even greater heights! Running your startup or business requires discipline, consistent effort, and the patience to see it through.

Regularly practice and refine your skills, showcase your work, show up consistently, give it your all, and put it out there for the world to see. Let life take care of the rest.


Transitioning from architecture to becoming a full-time artist is bold. Can you take us through the process and the factors that led to this decision in 2022?

Taking up art full-time wasn’t a sudden leap; it happened gradually over a few months, evolving as a thoughtful decision.

December 2017 was when I first decided to put up my work on social media to share it with friends and family. Little did I know that it would eventually reach a global audience! While I wasn’t consistently active, the continuous support from my audience fueled me. Initially, I intended to maintain this as my side hustle, but life had different plans in store for me.

After graduating from college, I worked on several architectural projects with my dad for a year while pursuing art on the side. It wasn’t until three years ago that I consistently began sharing my art and actively working towards it, sensing that it could lead to something. It excited me.

Although there was no concrete goal or plan, I wanted to take a chance with it and risk it, and so I did! I embraced art as my primary profession in January 2022, and it was one of the best decisions I have ever made.

From that point on, there was no looking back.


Your parents played a crucial role in supporting your artistic endeavours. How did their encouragement impact your decision to follow your passion despite societal expectations?

My parents have been my unwavering cheerleaders from the very beginning.

In a conservative world that often expects us to choose conventional paths for a promising future, their unyielding support allowed me to explore my full artistic potential. I owe them for being my constant source of encouragement, cheering me on, and helping shape the woman I am today.

Their belief in my artistic journey gave me the confidence to follow my passion wholeheartedly, allowing me to forge my path and define my identity beyond societal norms.

I aspire to inspire millions of young creative minds to embrace their passions, urging them to pursue their desires without being swayed by stereotypes.


From winning architecture design awards to collaborating with renowned brands, your journey seems incredibly rewarding. Can you share a few memorable moments or projects that have significantly shaped your career as an artist?


Sharing daily stories, behind-the-scenes glimpses of my work, painting tips, and art process videos resonated with like-minded individuals and sparked inspiring interactions with fellow artists.

This momentum led to collaborations with various brands. I seized every opportunity to make the most of it, feeling blessed to have worked with lucrative brands such as Hidesign, Snapchat, Pinterest, Asian Paints, Ins tax, Logitech, IKEA, boAt, Shoppers Stop, Itsy Bitsy, Paperwrld, Phomemo, Odonil, Keventers, Voot, interior design brands and a lot more.

Additionally, I had the privilege of collaborating with Karenxcheng for Instagram for Business and serving as a Brand Ambassador for several art brands.

The journey extended to becoming a VIP architect at one of Asia’s largest Architecture exhibitions, AceTech, a cherished annual tradition I attended with my dad. Taking him as my +1 was a heartwarming experience, witnessing his pride as his daughter climbed the ladder of success.

Furthermore, I was honoured to be one of the speakers at Pinterest’s first Creator Day event, marking another significant milestone in my artistic journey. Reflecting on all these events in life, I genuinely feel a deep gratitude.


Building a solid online presence is crucial today. How did sharing your art on social media contribute to your growth, and what strategies did you use to connect with a like-minded community?

Actively interacting with fellow artists and initiating conversations fostered a connection with a community that shared my passion.

I was also able to build some friendships through these interactions. Art brought me lifelong friends. I didn’t rely on any specific strategies.

My approach was simple — I created art, remained authentic to myself and my skills, delved into different techniques, learned new skills, and followed the natural flow. Growing wasn’t a deliberate goal; it unfolded organically as I immersed myself in the creative process.

Establishing an online presence is crucial, yes, but it wasn’t my primary intention. It evolved organically over time.


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Monetizing art can be a challenge. How did you navigate this aspect, from designing your dream art studio to creating and selling your product line on The Tinted Palette store?

2021 was the year that made me realize that – dreams do come true, and if you set your heart on something, you will find a way to achieve it.

I was fortunate to be able to design and bring to life my dream art studio. January 1, 2024, marked two years since we celebrated the studio’s opening, and I’ve been working from this space ever since.

Witnessing the studio take shape and recognizing the profound impact of your surroundings on peace and well-being has been a significant personal realization.

Professionally, it has had a substantial influence on my growth. Since I now had a dedicated space for recording art videos, I made detailed step-by-step process videos and put them on Skillshare. This was one of the many ways I could monetize my skill while being able to share my painting techniques with my audience. Teaching had always been my biggest fear and still is.

To overcome this, I ventured into online teaching, where I could pre-record videos and instructions, making them available for viewers to watch later. I have recently launched my Acrylic Painting course for beginners, featuring detailed step-by-step videos where I guide and instruct you through the painting process.


The Tinted Palette store – Witnessing people appreciate my art sparked inquiries about purchasing my paintings. I began selling my original artworks, delved into intriguing commissions, set up art stalls at events, initiated workshop hosting, and even undertook several mural projects.

I then launched my line of products on my website on September 1st, 2021, featuring original pieces, sketchbooks (triangle, mini, and bookmark), calendars, stickers, notebooks, magnets, and art prints. This has been a long-cherished dream of mine. The idea of having my product line has lingered in my mind for as long as I can remember. Finally, I took the plunge, utilizing whatever artwork I had.

The process involved scanning, digitizing, and bringing these creations to life. It was a lengthy and intricate journey, filled with experiments, mistakes, trial and error. Despite moments of disappointment and redoing things, every minute spent planning and executing felt so worth it! Oh, the joy I felt when I finally held the sample products in my hands that day! The website launch was incredible! Its success is truly owed to my art community.

I lack words to express my deep appreciation for this supportive and inspiring community we’ve built together. If you’re reading this, know that you have contributed, even if in a small way, to my art journey.

Every journey has its ups and downs. Can you share some challenges you faced and how those experiences contributed to your personal and professional growth?

I’ve had my fair share of low points in this unpredictable journey, but each one has been a valuable lesson, contributing to my development. From overcoming self-doubt and navigating creative blocks to balancing artistic pursuits with the practicalities of life, each hurdle has been an opportunity for growth.

The pressure to conform to societal expectations, especially in choosing a non-traditional career path, presented its challenges. Building a sustainable online presence, handling criticism, and managing the business side of art have been part of the learning curve. Despite these challenges, my passion for creating art drives me forward.

Life is filled with ups and downs; nothing is perfect, which makes it unique and allows us to appreciate the good moments. Despite the challenges, I am grateful for everything that has come my way. Here’s to learning from mistakes, picking ourselves up, and never giving up on our dreams.

The Tinted Palette
What advice would you give to young, creative minds who aspire to pursue their passion professionally, particularly in a field that might not align with conventional expectations?

In any field, the key is putting yourself out there! Whatever you do, do it confidently and make yourself visible for people to notice, recognize, and understand your work. The world is constantly seeking something new and creative.

To be discovered and acknowledged for your work, it’s crucial to be present when they are looking. Firstly, believe in yourself – trust in your abilities and stay true to your vision. Don’t compromise your integrity; stay authentic, and do what you love. Understand that making mistakes is part of the continuous learning process. Embrace failure and see it as an opportunity to grow.

Consistently put your work out there for everyone to see. Showcase your creativity and be present in the digital space. Success in unconventional fields requires patience and persistence. Small victories matter, and celebrating them along the way is crucial. Appreciate the little moments that contribute to the bigger picture. Be patient, persistent, and consistent. Don’t give up after just one attempt.

Consistent effort is vital for success. And while working towards your goals, remember to enjoy the process. The journey itself is as significant as the destination. With more than a year dedicated to art full-time, making a living as an artist is entirely feasible. And quite successful at that.

As of 2024, what are your plans and aspirations as a professional artist, and what impact do you hope to have on the creative community?

This might take an eternity because the list could go on endlessly, but I’ll keep it brief. First on the list – to continue doing what I love! Art and Photography! – I have a deep passion for observing and capturing images of anything that captures my attention.

Inspiration for my art comes from the everyday elements around me, whether it’s nature, skies, trees, my mom’s cooking, or even a streetlight. It’s all about finding joy in the simplest of things. I utilize my photographs as references for my paintings. To witness a moment and then bring it to life on canvas or paper is a beautiful experience.

I plan to indulge in this experience more frequently this year. Teaching and learning – I aim to share my knowledge about art with the community. Recognizing the vast range of topics and mediums like acrylics, watercolours, and gouache, I would love to teach through step-by-step processes, enabling anyone interested to learn and benefit from it.

I want to share insights into various aspects of art, including painting techniques, monetization strategies, and skills related to recording art videos, photography aesthetics, and more.

The community’s unwavering support has been pivotal, motivating me to contribute by creating valuable and practical content for their benefit. – I’m eager to explore painting with new mediums and delve into new techniques. It’s an ongoing journey of continuous learning. I want to keep exploring new painting mediums and techniques. Immersing myself in the history of art and understanding all there is to know about art is a constant goal.

Brand collaborations – I love integrating art into everything I do. Whenever a brand approaches me, I find ways to incorporate my paintings or create something that aligns with their products and utilizes my creativity to promote their brand authentically.

I plan to continue this approach by collaborating with more brands, seamlessly blending their identity with my art. As I said, my goals and plans for the future are endless. While the list can continue forever, my approach will remain consistent – staying true to myself, dedicating my best effort, and allowing things to unfold organically and naturally. As an artist, I aim to continue creating meaningful and inspiring content, exploring new mediums, and pushing the boundaries of my artistic expression.

In the creative community, I hope to foster collaboration, share knowledge, and contribute to a supportive environment where artists can thrive and learn from one another. Ultimately, my goal is to leave a positive impact by inspiring others to pursue their creative passions and find joy in their journey, whether in art or any other field.