In Conversation Swathi Mahen

Swathi, can you tell us what inspired you to transition from an IT career to pursue your passion for fashion and digital creation? 

Certainly! My transition from a career in IT to pursuing my passion for fashion and digital creation was inspired by a desire for creative fulfilment. 

My background in IT equipped me with problem-solving skills and attention to detail, which I now apply to my work as a digital content creator and model. 

Expressing creativity and connecting with my audience has driven my journey, and I hope my story inspires others to consider a similar leap. 

Can you share more about the challenges you faced in running your online business, “Outfits by Swathi,” and what led to its closure? 

Running “Outfits by Swathi” was a passion project initiated at a young age with the support of my mom. While it faced its share of challenges, including managing production, logistics, and customer interactions, transitioning it into “Auura” was driven by a desire to streamline operations and allow my mom to take the lead.

The rebranding represents a collaborative effort with my mom, ensuring the business thrives with a fresh perspective while I focus on my modelling and digital creation journey.


Swathi Mahen
How did your family, particularly your husband and in-laws, support you in following your passion? 

My husband and in-laws supported my transition from IT to pursuing my passion for fashion and digital creation. They provided unwavering encouragement, understanding the importance of my creative fulfilment.

Their support included emotional encouragement, practical assistance, and a shared belief in following one’s passion. This backing has been instrumental in navigating the challenges and joys of this career shift.

What motivated you to publicise your Instagram account, and how did that decision impact your journey as a model and digital creator? 

Making my Instagram account public was initially unexpected, as I had intended to keep my journey private. However, my husband’s encouragement to go public proved transformative.

It expanded my reach, allowing me to connect with a broader audience, brands, and collaborators. This increased visibility was pivotal in shaping my journey as a model and digital creator, fostering new opportunities and connections within the creative community.

Can you discuss the role of Hyderabad’s cultural backdrop in shaping your early career aspirations? 

Growing up in Hyderabad has profoundly influenced my early career aspirations. The city’s rich cultural backdrop, blending tradition with modernity, sparked my appreciation for diversity and creativity.

The vibrant arts scene, delicious cuisine, and warm community spirit fostered a sense of connection and pride in me. My love for my city continues to be a driving force in shaping my creative journey.

How do you maintain authenticity and uniqueness in your work while expanding to other states and collaborating with diverse brands? 

Maintaining authenticity and uniqueness in my work while expanding to other states involves a delicate balance. I strive to preserve the essence of my style while embracing diverse influences from different regions. Collaborating with brands and designers from other states allows me to infuse new perspectives into my creations.

Continuous learning and adapting to various aesthetics help me evolve creatively. Ultimately, I aim to resonate with a broader audience while staying true to my authentic expression and the constant journey of self-discovery in fashion and digital creation.

Could you elaborate on the importance of cross-cultural exchange in your creative endeavours? 

Cross-cultural exchange is of immense importance to my creative endeavours. It enriches my work by introducing diverse perspectives, traditions, and aesthetics. Collaborating with individuals from different cultures broadens my creative horizons, fostering innovation and a deeper understanding of global influences.

This exchange adds richness to my creations and allows me to connect with a broader audience who can appreciate the fusion of various cultural elements in my work.

It’s a constant source of inspiration that contributes significantly to the authenticity and depth of my creative expression.



What advice would you give to aspiring models and digital creators who want to expand their presence beyond their local communities? 

Authenticity Matters: Stay true to your unique style and personality. Authenticity resonates with a global audience.

Utilize Social Media: Leverage platforms like Instagram and other social media channels to showcase your work. Engage with your audience and stay consistent in your content.

Networking is Key: Build connections within the industry. Attend events, engage with fellow creators, and participate in online communities to expand your network.

5Continuous Learning: Stay updated on industry trends and continuously enhance your skills. This commitment to growth will set you apart in a competitive landscape.

Seek Mentorship: Connect with experienced professionals who can help you navigate the industry’s challenges and offer valuable insights.

Remember, growth takes time, so be patient and persistent and enjoy the journey of evolving as a digital creator.

How do you balance the demands of being a model with those of content creation for fashion brands? 

Careful organization and time management. I prioritize tasks, creating a schedule that accommodates both modelling commitments and content creation. Effective communication with brands helps align expectations and deadlines.

Additionally, staying adaptable and efficiently utilizing downtime between shoots allows me to maintain a harmonious balance, ensuring I deliver quality work for modelling and content creation without compromising on either aspect of my career.

What memorable moments or projects have stood out to you in your journey from Hyderabad to other states? 

Several memorable moments and projects have stood out in my journey from Hyderabad to other states. Collaborating with renowned designers in different regions brought unique challenges and creative experiences.

These experiences have shaped my career and provided lasting memories, showcasing the richness of my creative journey across various states.

Can you share insights into how digital platforms have impacted your creative reach and ability to connect with audiences globally? 

Social media, especially Instagram, has been a powerful tool for showcasing my work and reaching individuals from diverse backgrounds.

The visual nature of platforms allows me to communicate my style, creations, and experiences effectively. Also, I wouldn’t say I have reached global ( haha ), but I am aiming to.


What strategies do you employ to overcome challenges and maintain resilience, especially when you lack energy or motivation?

Routine and Structure: A daily routine provides stability and helps navigate challenging days.

Break Tasks Into Smaller Steps: Breaking down larger tasks into smaller, manageable steps makes them less overwhelming and more achievable.

Seeking Support: Connecting with friends, family, or fellow creators provides a valuable support system during tough times.

How do you envision the future of your career as a model and digital creator? Are there specific goals or milestones you aim to achieve? 

My goals include expanding collaborations with diverse brands and designers, Building a solid and engaged community that remains a priority, and fostering meaningful connections with my audience.

The journey involves a commitment to continuous learning, staying adaptable, and embracing the exciting challenges and opportunities that lie ahead.

Finally, what message or lesson would you like readers to take away from your story of pursuing passion and happiness across geographical boundaries?

I hope readers remove my story’s key message: the transformative power of pursuing passion and happiness. Embrace the unique journey of following your dreams, regardless of borders.

The world is a canvas for your creativity, and by transcending geographical limits, you not only discover new horizons but also contribute to a more vibrant and interconnected global community.

Remember, the pursuit of passion knows no bounds; it’s a journey that unfolds uniquely for each of us.

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